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Motherhood in all of its natural beauty.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing an in-studio newborn session. As most new mom's are, she was feeling insecure about the way she looked, and had zero interest being photographed with her child. I didn't push the issue, as that can be uncomfortable for both of us, so I just continued on with the session and captured yawns, sleepy smiles, and silly faces of her little one.

Once they left, I couldnn't stop thinkng about the mom. I feel as her photographer and as a woman, I should have tried to convince her to take at least one picture with her baby. Our bodies are amazing vessels that house these little blessings. We should not let society tell us what is beautiful, or how quickly we should lose baby weight, or let someone else's opinions of stretch marks effect us. We are all on our own unique journey and we should appreciate our bodies as our own and what they can do. As women we should build each other up, not knock each other down.

So...if this mother reads this---please, contact me and let me snap a quick photo of you and your baby! :)

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